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BSD SpecLink is the industry’s most trusted commercial construction specification software. Get a free trial today and learn how architects, engineers, and owners are saving time and money on every project.

Maintain Standards

Never compromise the quality of your documents. Select between SpecLink master content, NMS Canadian content, or import content developed by your in-house professionals. Transition between AIA, CSI, and CSC formats. 

Save Time

Create specs up to 70% faster with a centralized database and content management system. Edit by inclusion and only select which sections you need as opposed to deleting what you don’t. Toggle between outline, short-form, and full spec format.

Minimize Risk

Streamline documentation and eliminate version-control confusion. Leverage up-to-the-minute information created by our in-house team of spec writers and design professionals.

Stay in Control

Track changes and decisions made throughout the early design phase, manage global terms, customize headers and footers. Easily provide and manage access to contributors with permission-based controls.

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Work Together


Be Better Connected.

Bring your design team together to collaborate on the same document at the same exact time.

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Create, edit, share, and manage specifications instantly with your project team – regardless of where your office might be. 

BSD SpecLink is a proud partner of Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), Construction Specifications Canada (CSC), and the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC).

SpecLink’s content and the way it’s organized will absolutely improve the quality of specifications.

The tools that BSD provides allow for much more in-depth specifications which will be useful to the contractor and will preserve the design intent in a way that the content currently available to us does not.

- Head of Research and Development, Specifications, DIALOG

SpecLink is a great foundation for any company's spec creation process. When compared with our 'old' system, SpecLink does everything so much faster and easier.

I would strongly recommend SpecLink for any design firm - large or small.

- P.E. Associate, Applied Engineering Services

SpecLink provides a large number of ready-to-use specifications in an automated, intelligent database. We build on this database to create our own office masters that incorporate our own preferences and experience.

In the hands of an experienced architect/specifier, the creation of a project specification can be lightning fast. For the novice user or intern architect, SpecLink allows them to access our corporate knowledge in a powerful way.

- Principle, Lord, Aeck & Sargent

We now have an easier, faster way to produce and print specifications.

The ease of reporting makes construction administration easier - and that alone has made a huge difference in how long it takes us to produce specifications.

- Architect and Specification Writer, The Ritchie Organization

Construction Specifications Canada (CSC)
BSD SpecLink is a proud partner of  the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)
CSI - Corporate Partner  - Platinum
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